Three eclectic and creative local Sabina Ibiza architects

07 . 11 . 20

Sabina Ibiza is exclusive for a number of reasons. The brainchild of property mogul Anton Bilton with co-founders Glyn Hirch and Agustín del Pino, Sabina is all about creative freedom. White Ibiza caught up with three of the 18 Sabina Ibiza architects commissioned from around the world.

Phase 1 of Sabina Ibiza is now complete
Phase 1 is now complete and consists of a series of luxurious, family-friendly and extraordinarily unique villas designed by the best Ibiza-based architects. The restaurant and communal Clubhouse is also complete, also designed by Jordi Carreño, Jaime Romano and Rolf Blakstad.

White Ibiza Jordi Carreno

Carreño has been involved since the project was conceived in 2015 and designed the overall masterplan for the community. He told White Ibiza about the concept iterations necessary to achieve the vision of the three co-founders: “It was a process. I had to find order in all the ideas to arrive where we are today.”

The architect also has six of his own villa designs included in Phase 1 of the project. His homes connect the ancient countryside of Ibiza with lush Mediterranean gardens. He says: “There is a clear intention of maintaining links to the Med and the island and without departing from that idea, I wanted to bring it further into the contemporary.”

Freedom of creativity for designers and architects
Rolph Blakstad was the founder of the eponymous architectural and design firm also tasked with designing parts of Sabina Ibiza. His son, Rolf, is now at the helm of the firm, his contribution includes shapes familiar to the island’s farming heritage. He says: “It’s very much about the flow between the interior and exterior… 80% of living in Ibiza is outdoors, so we make the two realms unfold into each other.”

White Ibiza Rolf Blakstad

Blakstad also designed the communal Clubhouse and Temple. He says: “I have deep gratitude for being involved with this project. It was really somethings special.” The third local architect is Jaime Fomano, whose design contribution to Sabina Ibiza has a hint of California modernism, but made with textures from the Mediterranean.

White Ibiza Jaime Romano

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