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For the first time, an eclectic mix of the world’s most renowned architects and designers collaborate to create a secure, private villa community on the island of Ibiza.


Ibiza is a melting pot of nationalities and eclectic, highly individual styles and we wanted to mirror that diversity in our design concept. Therefore, it was important for us to choose architects for their differences rather than their similarities.  We also chose those whose work we felt would enhance the surrounding landscape, as it is paramount that their designs blend with Ibiza’s natural beauty. We chose only the very best, those whose designs had inspired us, from all over the world.  Having such a variety of taste and design in the villas is unprecedented – there is no other scheme like this anywhere in the world.

“We embraced all the different ‘visual languages’ that each architect speaks in this project.”

Andrea Sánchez

Santiago, Chile  |  Read more >

“I believe my role as an architectural designer is to embrace the culture in which I’m designing in order to enliven and express it in the building I’m helping to create.”

Begoña Sebastian

Madrid, Spain  |  Read more >

“Lighting performs and moves us emotionally.”

Claudia Kappl Joy

Arizona, USA  |  Read more >

“Our approach at Sabina is to bring the views of the bay and the hills into the interior and exterior living spaces as well as integrating with the immediate surrounding context and is topography.”


Sir David Chipperfield

London, UK  |  Read more >

“Our main goal is to make our customers happy.”


Elías Rizo

Guadalajara, Mexico  |  Read more >

"I am interested in artists who encourage us to think about the beauty and fragility of our planet and who wish to facilitate a connection between our inner and outer worlds."

Elizabeth Smith

London, UK  |  Read more >

“Our philosophy is not to have a predetermined style but to respond creatively to every client’s needs.”


Jaime Romano

Ibiza, Spain  |  Read more >

“In many ways, my work is about small, simple pleasures — the way the light falls across an area of wall at a particular time of day, the quiet rhythm of an internal vista, the subtle texture of a stone surface.”

[:en]John Pawson[:es]John Pawson CBE[:]

London, UK  |  Read more >

“I do not have one philosophy I go by. I always try to connect, to do what I love, and this has proven a good formula to make my clients happy."


Jordi Carreño

Ibiza, Spain  |  Read more >

“Some would say I’m an urban archaeologist, but I think I'm best known for my ability to invent timeless spaces in which the client feels comfortable”.

Lázaro Rosa Violán

Barcelona, Spain  |  Read more >

“I’ve always been concerned with the design of light and the relationship between the interior and exterior. The way architecture is defined, enriches daily life and the lives of those who use it.”


Manuel Aires Mateus

Lisbon, Portugal  |  Read more >

“We’re known for the elongated and horizontal proportions of our buildings and our simple modernism with a hint of tropical flavour.”


[:en]Marcio Kogan & Suzana Glogowski[:es]Marcio Kogan[:]

São Paulo, Brazil  |  Read more >

“The architecture of Ibiza is only a part of an organic, living relationship between man and nature”


Rolf Blakstad

Ibiza, Spain  |  Read more >

“The most important aspect of design is seeking the components that are authentic and will stand true in time.”

Tara Bernerd

London, UK  |  Read more >