Architectural Digest Spain – Luxury Minimalism

20 . 08 . 22

Luxury Minimalism: These are the Villas that John Pawson has designed for Sabina Ibiza

Sabina Ibiza, the new residential complex which brings together luxury homes designed by some of the world’s leading architects, begins to take shape with the minimalist and open designs of John Pawson.

“Youʼve got hills to the left and the sea to the right, but looking back, what is so nice is that you can see the hills too. And being on the edge of the ravine is quite breath-taking – itʼs almost like being on the edge of a cliff” says John Pawson about the privileged location of his two homes in Sabina Ibiza.

Architectural Digest Spain

Sabina Ibiza’s standards of respect for the environment have earned it a BREEAM seal, one of the most demanding certifications in terms of construction sustainability. In Pawson’s case, this came about from decisions that trace the vernacular Mediterranean architecture.