Architectural Digest Italy – John Pawson’s In Ibiza

30 . 09 . 22

The scents of the Mediterranean vegetation and the magic of the Balearic Islands. In the heart of ‘the beautiful island’, the British architect and designer John Pawson designs two sustainable villas that look at nature and the landscape.

Architectural Design Italy

Sustainability is the common thread of the whole project that guided the architectural choices of the two villas. Both are in fact designed to be as green as possible. The use of glass is limited and the walls are insulated to favour the natural heating and cooling of the rooms.

“A real earthly paradise”. Furthermore, attention to the environment is not the only characteristic of Sabina who, precisely, wants to offer a one hundred percent aesthetic experience , which touches more points, such as that of art.

For this reason, in many rooms of the residential complex you can admire works by artists such as Sir Antony Gormeley OBE, Marc Quinn, Alex Gray and Sukhi Barber.