The other face

01 . 08 . 21

When you hear ‘Ibiza’, you think of long nights, hot beats, and parties without end. Elle Germany takes its readers on a different journey through the island.

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Ana Lui

Architects like Matteo Thun, John Pawson or David Chipperfield loved the Terrain and the idea of ​​being the first to be completely ecological to create a sustainable “private residence community”. And agreed to build side by side – literally. A real rarity.

In addition to the spectacular houses in the complex, there are tennis courts, a concierge service and of course: a Clubhouse. That also makes for guests from outside from time to time to open its doors.

Received with a lovely pool surrounded by bougainvillea’s rows of shaded tables. Ambience, service and food? It can hardly be better! For whoever is interested in there is an exquisite in-house art collection or a tour of the surrounding area the garden and the foyers of the club.