The Balearic Shake Up – Sabina Ibiza

06 . 05 . 20

Maya Boyd, writer for Condé Nast Traveller, talks to Anton Bilton about the eco conscious hideout, a change of tempo on the high energy island and the clued-up global crowd which is starting to gather there.

Sabina Ibiza Bar

Sabina Ibiza is the get-away-from-it-all retreat which Anton has long considered for both his family and their extended group of friends.

It’s inspired by the Bahamas’ Lyford Cay and more so by Careyes, the haute-hippy enclave on Mexico’s sunshine Jalisco coast.

Sabina is also an ambitious yet ecologically aware project. Eventually it will comprise of 50 villas created by 12 leading architects. The credits include British minimalist hero John Pawson, Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, Arizona-based Rick Joy and Ibiza’s own Jordi Carreño.

Unsurprisingly, Sabina’s villa owners reflect the Biltons’ social set – ‘maverick minds, lateral thinkers’, according to Anton.