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01 . 09 . 21

Boat International delves into sustainability, community spirit, and starchitects at Ibiza’s new private villa complex, Sabina.

Sabina Ibiza Clubhouse Boat International

Ana Lui

A few years ago, real-estate entrepreneurs and long-time business partners Anton Bilton and Glyn Hirsch discussed the joy and pain of owning holiday homes. They saw an opportunity to change how villas are designed and built.

Their vision allowed them to create exceptional houses that would minimise the hassle of owning a second home while increasing the level of luxury and attention to detail.

The founders decided to enlist a stellar line-up of architects to design each individual villa, leading to a stunning complex of villas, each with a unique design. All villas have access to the clubhouse, which features amenities such as an on-site restaurant, spa, and kids’ club.