Living, Corriere Della Sera – Italy

06 . 06 . 22

The vacation home according to John Pawson

From the iconic Neuendorf House in Mallorca to two new villas in Ibiza. “Despite their generous dimensions, they are very integrated and connected to the landscape”.

Living Corriere Della Sera

At the time of the interview, John Pawson has just returned from a long tour in Asia, which has touched South Korea, Japan and the Philippines, a tour of the numerous construction sites in the progress of the residential projects that have made him famous.

No holidays for the English designer, who, on the other hand, thinks of creating the ideal environment for those of the others with two villas , Can Adelfa and Can Almendro, which will soon be built on the island of Ibiza in the Balearics for the Sabina group (of Anton Bilton, Glyn Hirsch and Agustín del Pino).