The Restaurant

The seed of La Paloma was originally sown by Prasuna Coppini, who learnt to cook at her mother’s knees in Tuscany. Prasuna developed a deep understanding of the value of food and its ability to unite family and friends around the table. Today, La Paloma’s co-owner Amit has joined with Sabina to bring the Clubhouse to life.

“When you make good food, it is a blessing. It is the alchemy of humanity”

– Amit Segev, Co-Founder


Our main focus at the Sabina Clubhouse is to create an atmosphere and a style of cooking that reflect the seasons, the climate and identity of Ibiza. We are inspired by fresh, vibrant, nutrient-dense ingredients, which become the base for technically exciting dishes.

 We start our day with fresh coffe and an abundance of superfood bowls and smoothies. Lunch is representative of the Mediterranean landscape, with locally sourced produce from both land and sea. There are colourful salads, herb-flecked mezze and pizzas from our open-air wood-fired oven. We honour the simplicity of a laid-back lunch. Our dinner menu is a journey of refined flavours, evocative scents and deep-rooted culinary traditions, taking inspiration from the wild nature of the island. Dishes are exciting, innovative and intuitive.

We are ambitious and playful when exploring, but we always care for the details. We grow, we forage, we cook, we bake, we serve, we love, Ibiza.

Shahar Tamir, Executive Chef

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