Sabina Estates was founded in 2015 by a team of three highly experienced property professionals who realised there was no professional luxury developer on Ibiza creating the kind of environment they and their families and friends would like to settle in.

“I love island life because islands bring out the best in people.  Island people have to think about their limited space and so are in touch with nature and their history and know how to respect their environment and rely on their neighbours.  Ibiza embodies all the best aspects of island life.” - Glyn Hirsch, Founder

Glyn Hirsch

Non-executive director


Glyn’s work life began in the City of London in the 1980’s but he’s worked in the real estate sector since the 1990’s. Founding businesses in France, Russia and now IBIZA. His leisure time is spent either with his family or doing any outdoor sport , both at the same time if possible. As a collector of holiday homes he’s tried to think of everything to make Sabina the perfect holiday retreat.

“Sabina is a collaborative, creative endeavour to establish an outstanding architectural composition of luxurious design based on unity, family and soul” - Anton Bilton, Founder

Anton Bilton

Non-executive chairman


Anton is an international property entrepreneur, a devotee of Ibiza and father of five. He is the Chairman of Sabina Estates Ltd and Executive Deputy Chairman of The Raven Property Group Ltd. An economics graduate from The City University, London, Anton has founded and been a director of three other companies that have floated on AIM. Having been involved in resort development and having visited many of the world’s greatest resorts, Anton wanted to bring that expertise to create a soulful and dynamic community for like-minded people in wonderful villas, centred around a Clubhouse with all the facilities of a 5 star hotel. The result is Sabina.

“The first time I came to Ibiza I was only four years old. I made this beautiful island my home ten years ago inspired with the objective to create a unique place where we are able to share a moment in time with our loved ones. We put many hours of work, love and soul to bring all these incredible professionals together to make this magical project for us to enjoy.” - Agustín del Pino, Founder

Agustín del Pino



Agustín del Pino began his career in finance at Merrill Lynch in New York City shortly after completing his Executive MBA at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. Del Pino was Founding Shareholder of Cala Conta project where he was responsible for Marketing and Sales of a 33 villa community development on the west coast of Ibiza.


Sabina is the name we chose for the land because as the sacred tree of Ibiza it represented the divine essence of nature. We wanted a name that mirrored both the beauty of the site and its intended spiritual ambiance. The soft femininity of the word Sabina reflects these attributes.

Ibiza is about beauty, not just the natural beauty of the landscape, the coves and mountains, the glory and abundance of nature, but the beauty in the spirit of the place. The island is spiritually alive and dynamic, magnetically drawing in those that intuitively sense its welcoming energy: the fearless, the creative, the unprejudiced, the laterally minded, the maverick, all soulful “individuals”.

For that is the true spirit of Ibiza: soul and individualism; free spirited souls behaving as they wish. Creative types; “manifesters”, inspired by the spirit of the island to imagine every possibility in the abstract and then make manifest as we have done at Sabina. This is the type of person we feel will be attracted to Sabina.

What we wanted to create at Sabina was an environment where children could run freely and safely down from their private villas to meet other residents’ children at the Clubhouse that had every facility that would keep them happy and occupied. It was inspired by other discreet and private playgrounds in the world where we had enjoyed wonderful holidays with family and friends, namely Mustique, Lyford Cay in the Bahamas and Careyes in Mexico.

We believe that the greatest luxury for adults is time and the greatest luxury for children is freedom and so the whole ethos behind Sabina is to create a place where those luxuries are always available.

We wanted a private environment where adult residents don’t have to bother about managing anything. The site security, the individual villa gardens, the swimming pools, the villa maintenance and even the housekeeping (if required) are all managed by us, leaving the residents simply to enjoy their villas, the Clubhouse ………and each other.

Just peace and relaxation and zero hassle.

Although the Clubhouse has facilities for children, it is equally adult focused with two restaurant areas, a Martini bar, a fully equipped spa/gym, yoga platform, tennis and paddle facilities, an amphitheatre, a discreet nightclub for late-night private revelry and a non-denominational Temple for spiritual connection, meditation and contemplative reverence to the glory of the island. We envisage that in years to come families will celebrate seminal moments in their lives at the Clubhouse and the Temple – whether it’s a daughter’s 21st, an engagement, a marriage or a major anniversary.

What originally drew us to the site was its sense of space, its aspect and the incredible sense of light: morning sun rising over the hills, then shining down on the beautiful southern green mountains and finally setting in the western sea.

We purposefully briefed our architects to position their Villas to create that sense of anticipation that one has before a great view. We want people to walk through their houses out onto the terrace and stretch their arms wide to bask in the magnificence of nature and breathe it all in.

Sabina’s ethos is about unity; unity in family, friendships, beauty, spirituality, and fun. We orchestrated a creative collaboration in inviting eighteen renowned architects and designers to contribute to that unity and sense of place in their individual designs. Like humanity, although each Villa is distinctive and private, it can also be part of a shared environment where owners and their children can delight in new friendships and shared experiences should they decide to leave the privacy of their home and enjoy the social context of the Members-only Clubhouse and its private facilities.

We see ownership of a Villa at Sabina as inter-generational, where the memories of family gatherings there are so strong that the Villa passes down from one generation to the next as the one place where all members of a family look forward to their times spent together there on holidays and special occasions.

The finest creative endeavours are always based upon the soulfulness of the principal creators and at Sabina we as Founders and all the collaborative architects and designers have put immense soul into designing the project to reflect a sense of humanness, beauty and spiritual connectivity in all elements of the place.

This was our full intention: a collaborative creative endeavour to create an outstanding architectural composition based on unity, family and soul.

Anton, Glyn and Agustín